Personal data protection policy


For the best and most complete service of the visitors and customers of “the blue earring”, the latter processes the personal data of the former in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR Regulation (GDPR 679/2016) and the applicable Greek legislation. Visitors/customers only provide their standard details, which are related to the orderly registration, execution and delivery of their order and which aim to better serve them and improve the level of that customer service.

The data that can be collected and maintained by the online store are divided into 2 categories: direct personal data and indirect data related to navigation.

In more detail, regarding the former, only the absolutely necessary information to process an order are needed: name, address, contact information (e-mail and phone), and password for the customer’s account. These details are requested to be entered by the visitor/customer themselves when creating an account or during the process of submitting their order if they do not already have an account.

In the case of already maintaining an account, this information will also be used to enable the customer to view the details of their previous or pending orders (date, shipping method and address, billing address, products, product value, order status). Also, by creating an account and giving the corresponding consent, the customer can receive updates on categories of their interest, as well as receive special offers and updates on new products.

It is clarified that every visitor can browse the e-shop “the blue earring” without giving any personal information (e.g. the information mentioned here, or any other).

Details for payment by bank card will be requested, if the visitor/customer chooses this payment method, which, however, is expressly stated that they will not be stored by the company and will be fully and exclusively used by the bank processing the payment.

In the case of a purchase with an invoice (oriented to other businesses), the following additional information will be needed: company name, main activity, VAT number, tax office and registered office address. It is possible to utilize interoperability with the AADE and the customer to fill in only the VAT number, with the other business details mentioned here being automatically drawn from the AADE, displaying them to the customer.

Under no circumstances are personal information transferred to third parties, without falling under the conditions of the law (e.g. prosecutor’s order). In no case does the company sell, rent or share personal data with third parties. These data are used exclusively by the company to continuously improve its own customer service.

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