Virgin Mary (Amolyntos) –

115,00  (VAT included)

Cristian Orthodox picture made of Sterling Silver 925° .

Made in Greece.

Has wooden back with a holder , so it can hug on the wall or stand on a furniture.

The Silver has a special varnish in order to stay shiny.

Clean with a soft clothe.

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Countless are the names, or “Theotoconymia” as they are called, that the people have given to Panagia.
So far, it is estimated that there are more than 500.
Some taken from hymns, others from the place where a certain Temple or Monastery is located and others because of the way it has been painted.
In the Byzantine iconography “Except for Panagia Glykophiloussa, where Christ touches his mother’s cheek, in all other representations there is
a relative distance, which symbolizes the balanced relationship that the mother should have with the child”.

Great gift for new mothers, for newborn celebrations that combines tradition with the values ​​that exist as a gift for the special occasion.



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